Year after year serious depression and anxiety have risen in the United States in Britain
and across the Western world, especially now during the pandemic and I wanted to understand why why is this happening to us why is it that with each year that passes more and more of us are finding it harder to get through the day.

And also I wanted to understand this because I was also down this rabbit hole during 2020. During my breakdown, I learned a lot of new things and on this personal mystery journey found out, that it is not only personal trauma, which causes depression and anxiety. To explain what I went thru is not easy, to explain the pain leaking out of me and that I couldn´t control it, the permanent question, why it happened to me, why now, the feeling of shame and being totally helpless was so overwhelming, that when I found out, that it could also be a pure chemical imbalance of my body, that I read everything I could find to understand it.

I´ve learned along the way, that there is scientific evidence for nine different causes of depression and anxiety.
Two of them are indeed in our biology. Your genes can make you more sensitive to these problems though they don’t write your destiny and there are real brain changes that can happen when you become depressed that can make it harder to get out.
I started my research on it, because I did not want to take any drugs which supports the building of serotonin and then leave my body without knowing how to build it on his own.

But to be frank and honest with you the most of the factors that have been proven to cause depression and anxiety are not in our biology they’re factors in the way we live.
And once you understand them it opens up a very different set of solutions that should
be offered to people alongside the option of chemical antidepressants. Unfortunately, in most of the cases the treatments are not based on a holistic view on the person, which is a pity.

There are so many reasons, why you come easier depressed than others and the pandemic showed it very clearly:

If you are lonely you’re more likely to become depressed – social distancing was one reason for anxiety and depression

If you have a job, which you have no control over and you’ve just got to do what you’re told you’re more likely to become depressed – a lot of business owner had to close their shops and restaurants due to government restrictions

If you very rarely get out into the natural world you’re more likely to become depressed – again the reason of staying home during pandemic, increased the number of depressions.

During my depression and my constant reflection; I found out, that one thing unites a lot of the causes of depression and anxiety. You know, that we all have natural physical needs, right?

Obviously, you need food, you need water, you need shelter, you need clean air – if I took those things away from you you’d be in real trouble real fast, but at the same time every human being has
natural psychological needs. You need to feel you belong, you need to feel your life has meaning and purpose, you need to feel that people see you and value you, you need to see the future that makes
sense and that this culture we built is good, etc.

The pandemic took us away so many of our needs and freedom, so we have been getting less and less, all these deep underlying psychological needs weren´t served anymore. I think it’s the key reason why my crisis kept rising and rising, instead of going into a healing process. When I realised, that that it is not only me having an influence on my healing, it was hard to absorb and a real wrestle to accept the idea of shifting from thinking of my depression as you know just a problem in my body, mind and soul, to one with many causes including many in the way we’re living at the moment. Once I started to treat myself holistic, also accepted the spiritual guidance, the healing kicked in. We have everything within us, we just need to trust and listen to our own spiritual higher self, then we find the treasures on our journey, which guides us back to our true self.

I am very grateful, for these moments of darkness, because only thru the darkness you can find back your inner light and I am still excited to be on this journey.