Expert For Change

Nicole provides a wide range of different styles of consulting services and always adapting it to her audience.

She is supporting organisations of all sizes and industries to deliver transformation and sustainable growth strategies. From working for over thirty years in the corporate world, she knows exactly what the business needs. She has experience to manage Change Processes in International Teams, but also in smaller companies. She empowers and inspires multinational teams and help them to go the extra mile.

She moved her way up the career ladder and lead lately the €1.9bn acquisition in Iberia in her role as Head of Continuous Improvement in a FTSE 100 company. With her wide experiences in various industries and her broad languages skills she supported the Iberian team through the needed Change process.

Change is her passion and this makes her unique. Her mantra is: “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your sales and customers”. Everyone faces challenges on a regular basis, its just the way of looking at them as an opportunity, which makes the difference.

Nicole helps her clients to deal with the changes in a professional way, by helping them to understand the origin of their fear for change and afterwards building up the resilience and courage to deal with it. Sometimes being courageous means, to take a decision that may turn your life or business upside down – this is also part of her work and style of leadership – to turn things upside down and look on it with a different perspective.

Therefore, she some times combines her workshops with Yoga breakouts and meditation.

Her goal is to bring more humanity into the corporate world and open the leaders for new ways of leading their business.The uniqueness of her style is the key driver to reach business excellence.