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Coaching & Yoga

Be yourself and do it like Pippi

Do you sometimes wish for just a bit more?
To have courage for something new and cheerful and walk with ease through life?
To be strong in order to realize your own wishes and goals, no matter what the others say?
Then take the time to be Pippi Longstocking again and let your soul dangle with us.
Over a full day, our workshop will give you the opportunity to recognize old thinking patterns, work on them and let them go to tackle happier and more powerful new things.
We will interrupt the coaching session with yoga, meditation and an energy dance, so that both your mind and your body have a little something to work on ūüôā
You do not need any previous yoga knowledge, just enjoy the movement.
Of course, food and drinks are also provided!


Your hosts will be: Edith Gross & Nicole Beissler

Event Dates:

January 26, 2019
March 23, 2019
April 27, 2019
July 6, 2019
November 9, 2019
Coming soon


YOU! Personal Fitness Lounge
Sinnaustraße 12, 97769 Bad Bruckenau, Germany


149, -EUR per person *
179, -EUR per person
* Early booking (only until 30.09.2019) as well as pupils and students

Coaching & Yoga

Breakthrough to an Authentic You!

A retreat for women opening to a heart & mind-centered life

Spend four nights at a charming country house in lovely Alicante, Spain with other women from around the world who are ready to create inspired lives. You will enjoy daily yoga, meditation, a facilitated wisdom circle and personal breakthroughs. Meals included, along with time on your own to explore the breathtaking local sights.

  • Learn how to make yourself a priority without feeling selfish
  • Own your worth at work and in relationships
  • Develop a daily sense of purpose and intention
  • Listen and honor your inner voice
  • Reconnect with the creativity that came so easily in childhood

and use it to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Your hosts will be: Joey Garcia & Nicole Beissler

Our retreat will be held in English with translation available as needed. Flights to Alicante are easy within Europe on RyanAir or from the U.S. on Norwegian Airlines, among other options.

Retreat spaces are limited. Book early for best price.

Retreat DATE:

Aug 19 ‚Äď 23, 2020


Hotel Rural Mas Fontanelles
Biar, Alicante, Spain


759, -EUR per person *
899, -EUR per person
* Early booking (only until 30.06.2020)

Refund policy: Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing and emailed to 100 EUR cancellation fee will be charged. There will be NO refund after July 30th, 2020 for any reason. 

8YOGA & Meditation 

online via Zoom

During this unprecedented time, we aim to set aside space to invite peace, calm, and mindfulness into our lives. Let’s connect with neighbors and friends while rejuvenating our bodies and spirits.

We will get through this together!

My sessions are for all ages and practice levels. I will guide you through a variety of postures to help you develop flexibility, strength, and balance.






Monday 8:30 am

Tuesday 7:00 pm

Wednesday 8:30 am

Saturday 9:30 am

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